NYVIDD represents fish leather of the best quality available on the market. We currently exchange fish leathers from suppliers based in Northern Europe. A large portion of our selection of leathers are fully biodegradable, tanned without metal and colored with natural dyes. However, degrees of naturallity may vary depending on stocks. We aim to only sell naturally processed skins, however, we will disclose if the product is tanned and dyed with harsh chemicals.


We intend to grow our connections with tanneries, fisheries and dyers, as well as the artists and designers whom purchase our stock of skins. See our projects and collaborations page for inspiration and news on past and endeavors upcomings.


NYVIDD encourages collaborations with individuals and businesses who have interest in our services. With an ever growing body of projects, NYVIDD is as much a creative in the alternative to industrial leather industry as it is a supplier of skins.


All orders are dispatched from Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.

Samples for large orders may be requested by email.

Send us an email before making orders.

Other inquiries can be made by email.




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Based in Eindhoven, Netherlands