Strong and flexible

Just as you can make leather from the skin of cows, deer, crocodiles or snakes, you can also make leather from the skin of fish. Fish leather is even surprisingly strong and flexible and has a special, natural appearance. With a beautiful structure and an equally beautiful drawing.  Fishleather is easy to color and apply.

Various types, colors and finishes

Tanning fish skins into leather has existed as a craft for centuries, but has faded into the background in the industrial age. Almost all fish skins are processed as a by-product of fish processing or end up in waste. With the increasing attention for recycling and sustainability, interest in fishing is also increasing again.

NYVIDD promotes and  encourage the use of this natural product and therefore brings fish leather of exceptional and natural quality to the market.

From various fish species, each with its specific external characteristics and in countless combinations of colors and finishes.         



NYVIDD represents fishleather the leather from varius tanneries in the world.

We not only  guarantee good quality, but also a wide range of options in color and finish. Constantly looking for innovation in production and application.



Fish leather itself is a form of re-use natural material that otherwise ends up in waste. NYVIDD promotes fully natural processed fishleather. Both dyeid and tanned. Constantly investing in better and more natural processes with the aim of zero impact on the environment. 



Fishing leather is, certainly compared to other types of leather, relatively thin yet surprisingly strong. This is due to the natural fiber structure in two directions. Fish leather is therefore firm and eye-like, but at the same time it is extremely flexible and feels soft. This makes fishing leather a refined natural material.