Fully degradable, natural, fish leather.

Natural fishleather is produced with natural ingriediences throughout  the proces of tanning, coloring  as well as the finishing proces. 

The fishleather is produced on industrial scale, available in large quantities. 

Species:                                   Salmon

Dimensions:                          front side: 12-15 cm
Tail side:                                   6-9 cm
Length:                                     50-55 cm

Colors:                                      All, no white.

Operations: 5 different finishes for each color.
Natural:                                    uncoated-open cuticle-like suede-soft.
Mat:                                            mat-closed schubstucture.
Glossy:                                      coated with shiny-closed scale structure.
Water-repellent:                water-repellent-soft-half-open scale structure.
Metallic:                                  metallic coating-pastel color-like dense structure.

Origin:                                      EU
Certified organic salmon farms in the area and Scotland.  With great care for a good and natural living environment.

Delivery time:                      in stock: immediately available
Order:                                       4 weeks.