WOLFFISH LEATHER - smooth and stained!

The only fish leather with a smooth surface.

Sea wolf leather has a spotted pattern that gives it a unique character. It is a deep-sea fish caught in the fishing grounds around Iceland.

Our producer is the only person tanning the waste skin of wolffish.

Two striking features that make the leather unique. You cannot miss the dark stained pattern. In addition, the Wolffish leather gives the only "scaleless" without scales, smooth fish.

Regardless of the color finish, the dark stained pattern in the leather always remains visible. Except of course in black!

Length and width: Sea wolf leather is 60 to 70 cm long and 14 to 20 cm at the widest point.
Size:                               Sizes are measured in sqft. Average size 1.1 sqft.
Thickness:                  0.4-0.8 mm.
Strength:                    50-60 Newtons
Heat resistance:    70 - 80 ° C
Colors:                        wolffish leather can be colored in a wide range of shades. The lightest and brightest colors, such as those from salmon leather, are not available in catfish              leather, and so far it is not colorable in white.
Structure:                 In contrast to salmon, perch and cod, catfish is not flaky and has a smooth surface.
Finish:                         A wide range of finishes are available. Atlantic Leather now controls almost fifty different finishes.
Origin:                       The wolffish is a deep-sea fish species caught for human consumption in the sea off the coast of Iceland. Producer obtains its wolffish skins from Icelandic fishing grounds.