PERCH leather, daring and beautiful!

The skins are thick with a rough structure.                                                                              The large scales in the fish leather give the skin a unique character and is the reason for a top product in fish leather.

If the shells are kept open, the leather has a natural, raw, wild structure.

When closing the shells to a smooth surface, we retain the appearance and the nature of the leather remains the same.

Perch leather is beautiful in both light and dark colors.                                                    The scale pattern is even enhanced in combinations with a metallic finish.

No matter how the finish and structure are, BAARS LEER always attracts our attention.

An exclusive top product.

Length and width: Perch leather is 50 to 60 cm long and 14 to 20 cm at the widest point.
Size:                               The size of the skins of the Nile perch varies greatly. Is measured in sqft, and the average size is 1.0 sqft.
Thickness:                  Average 0.8 mm
Strength:                    90 Newtons
Heat resistance:    90-100 ° C
Color:                           About 50 colors are available.
Structures:               Perch leather offers two structures: open scales, a rougher texture or closed scales that is more refined.
Finishes:                    Both structures, both open and closed, offer a wide range of different finishes. Atlantic Leather now controls almost fifty different finishes.
Origin:                        The Nile perch is fished for human consumption in Lake Victoria by the people of the surrounding countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Our producer                                                          obtains the fish skins from fish processing companies in Africa.