The power of unity!

Every type of fish skin can be sewn into a panel.

There are 3 different shapes:        FISH shape, STONE shape and TRIANGLE.

We supply panels for the processing of larger surfaces. Ideal for designer and producer. The panels come in three types.                                                                                      The fish skins are sewn together in pieces of standard sizes; This way usage is maximized. Panels, timesaving for designer and producer.                                                      Panels are available in all four types of fish leather. The size of a standard panel is 40 x 60 cm, but, like our fish skin, we are flexible and respond to the wishes of the customer. Ask what you need on the surface. However, the production of panels is quite intensive.

Stone shape panel: Each skin is cut into a standard rectangular shape, and sewn together in a regular pattern.

Triangle Panel:          Each skin is deposited in an elongated triangular shape, due to the tapered shape of the skins. The triangles are sewn together in alternating                                                          directions, which then form a regular pattern.

Fish shape Panel:     As the name implies, the irregular natural shape of the hides is marked, giving the panels a nice appearance. waste.


Create your own panel.Choose your color and pattern. Vary in color and structure.

(For technical reasons, it is not possible to combine different fish species in a panel.)

Contact us for more information about panels.