We process open and closed scale structures.

Little processed skins are mostly open scale structures. In it you can clearly see the place of each separate fish scale.                                                                                 

The more the skin is processed, the closer the structure will be. We then speak of a closed scale structure.

Below an overview of a few, frequently used, production processes.


S = Soft, suede-like finish. Least edited. Open scale structure.

L = With half open scale structure.

LS = Glossy. Fully open scale structure

F = Complete finish. Closed scale structure.

FS = Completely glossy finish. Closed scale structure.

GX = Mat with full open scale structure.

I = PD + FS

P = Pressed.

PB = Pearly silver fabric coating.

CM = Coper-like finish.

RU = Gold metal-like finish. Open scale structure.

TP = Pearl finish. Open scale structure.

MD = Different colors of metalic film. Open scale structure.

KMD = Metalic film processed on the structure.

WET = White effect at the finish. Open scale structure.

NAC = processed with natural oil. Accented scale structure.

MIM = Tanned with bark from Mimosa.