Cod leather - unpredictable and rugged structures.!

Processing Cod skin into leather gives surprising combinations of structure. Raw, with smooth and supple. The structure is sometimes irregular, with no characteristic pattern. During the tanning process we have little influence on this. Only with the different finishes can we change the rough surface into a smooth silky version.

Cod leather is thin and supple, BUT VERY STRONG. The clearly triangular shape makes it ideal for fish patterns or triangle panels.

Rough or smooth, cod leather is an exciting new material for design of various product types.

    Length and width: Cod skins are variable in size and width. The average length is 40 to 60 cm. The shape of the skin is a neat triangle, 10 to 18 cm in the neck, tapered                                            towards the tail.
    Size:                               Measured in sqft .. The average size of a cod skin is 0.6 sqft
    Thickness:                  Cod skins are 0.4 mm thick on average.
    Heat resistance:     90-100 ° C
    Tear strength:          Cod leather not yet tested.
    Colors:                         Thanks to new tanning methods we are now able to offer the same color codes in cod as in salmon, but due to differences in material, the colors                                                   may differ between species.
    Structure:                  such as salmon and bass leather, cod leather is available in two versions: closed shells (leather is compressed and varnished for a smooth surface),                                             and open shells. With open scales, the character of cod leather is very different from salmon and perch - or any other leather - with a random                                                         alternation of rough and smooth scales.
    Finishes:                     Both open shells and closed shell structures can be combined with a wide range of finishes:  Almost fifty different finishes.
    Origin:                         Off the coast of Iceland and north-Norway.