NyVidd: new panorama, new view

Iceland is known for its geysers and green valleys, volcanoes and waterfalls, glaciers and rugged coasts, and of course the magical northern lights. Cees van de Ven, owner of NYVIDD, lived on this beautiful and wonderful island for almost seventeen years and took his passion for the unspoiled nature and typical culture of his inhabitants back to the Netherlands. In 2015 he started the NYVIDD company, which means new view, new panorama in the Icelandic language.


Age-old tradition for almost endless applications.

Processing fishskin from salmon and wolffish into fishleather is an age-old tradition of Icelanders for making shoes and other utilities.                                                     NYVIDD is a leading compagny in promoting and handling the use of fishleather as an alternative for leather.                                                                                                              Located in Eindhoven, Netherlands we represent sustainable brands of fishleather.                                                                                                                                                                                    As an agent of Athlantic Leather our product range consists of a wide variety of sustainable fishleather and best quality available on the market.